Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Would Have to See This to Believe It! Want to Try to Guess?

         I never thought I'd be blogging on an item like this...but I'm hoping that one of you all out there knows the "proper name" of a strange item I found when I was doing some listings this week.  I have a collection of things that I've kept putting aside over and over...I just really wasn't sure what to do with them.....  Finally this week I took a deep breath and jumped in!
        These items admittedly are more curiosities than anything else...those pieces of the past that we're certainly glad to say have fallen by the wayside!   There's a rather imposing girdle (not listed yet) that looks as if it were patterned after an Iron Maiden, various undies with hooks and snaps and straps in peculiar places that defy analysis, and assorted other accoutrements of the damsels of the past that can only produce raised eyebrows and uncontrolled giggling!

        Putting all these in the Lingerie Treasures store, I started with some rather bland items...just for fun.  I even decided that someone with a sense of humor might want some of these items for once in a lifetime "white elephant" gifts!   In fact, I titled the category "Things We Don't See Anymore...Thank Goodness!" 

        Tongue in cheek I sorted and wrote and decided on just one more item that was new in the package.  Some of these items came from an estate south of here, a family in the oil business, whose matriarch bought whatever she wanted in magnificent quantities (you should see how many pairs of granny panties there were!!)
        This was still in its sealed package (which I photographed for authenticity) and assumed this was some kind of panty girdle or brief.  When I got it out, I was sure it was the panty brief.  It had the pre-requisite shape, done in lycra/spandex for that necessary control of course and looked quite innocent, neat, and tidy.

         When I turned it inside out to get the maker's name and the size, I got quite a surprise!  Starting with narrow panels at the waist both front and back it was lined completely with the kind of plastic that makes you think of the lined bottoms of generations-ago baby outfits.  From there it widened until it covered a wide area down the hips, through the crotch, and up the front.  Attached (discreetly of course) about 6 or 7" up either side were elastic strips stitched into place. 
         My first thought was that it was some kind of creation for "those days"...but why the plastic running all the way to the top on each side.  Or could it perhaps be a primitive version of the widely advertised Depends?
         Aftery studying this contraption for awhile I decided to check with two of my friends who are about my age (mature) to see if they knew exactly what to call it.  We decided that it certainly wasn't an efficient version of an early Depends; my "saltier" friend stated that "whatever it was it had to be hotter than .... to wear!!!"  On that part we all agreed!
         I finally listed it as a "new in the package whatever-it-is" and am turning to you to see if any of you can tell us what it is.  No prize involved...just a moment of glory for being the first one to figure it out!  I'm sure we'll all rest better when we know.....