Monday, April 16, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours!

          And did it ever!  Just in time for our church's second craft bazaar!  
          Last fall a great group of the ladies in our church Church on the Lake put together a craft bazaar that was quite successful.  We decided to do it again this spring...trying to find a good time in the midst of Easter, proms, Mother's Day, graduation, etc.  We added something new as well...the First Ever Annual South Grand Lake Swing into Spring Cupcake Contest!  

         The cupcake entries came in on Friday and were judged by a fantastic panel of local judges.  They made very wise choices!
         Vendors set up on Friday night to be ready for a great day on Saturday...and Saturday morning it poured!  Buckets and buckets of rain!  Only in Oklahoma!!!  By noon though the sun was shining and the rest of the day was a delight.
         The kitchen was turned into a springtime lemonade stand with chicken salad sandwiches, pinwheels, dessert, and a tall glass of lemonade for the lunch special.  Great menu!!
I took some vintage jewelry (as always), along with a batch of cookbooks from a group I've found, plus some blue willow ware...found out there are some neat collectors of both.       
         Just for fun (and you can barely see them on the left), I took two of the fabulous vintage piano shawls that I found at an auction in Kansas...both silk, one in pink with multicolored floral embroidery and long-g-g pink fringe, the other in ivory with handpainted red roses all round, long matching fringe. They're beautiful...and I just had to share!
         Everyone had a wonderful time...especially the winners of the cupcake contest who took home fabulous prizes.
         Couldn't resist sharing with you a couple of the prize winning entries.
         Key Lime Cuties - these were delicious!  First Prize winner in the Fabulous Flavors blend of lime...ever!
        Our Grand Prize Winner - when I took this entry, I was amazed!  This must have been quite a project!  It was first placed as number 1 in the Delightful Designs category, but was voted by the judges as as the Best of Show.   It's name was "#1 with Cheese and Fries"!
         The "hamburger" was a brownie or chocolate cupcake, the "bun" a vanilla cupcake with "seeds".  We decided that the fries were probably biscotti cut into strips.
            It brought a smile to everybody who saw it!  What do you think?

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