Friday, November 2, 2012

Timeus on the Road

          Last month I was invited to bring some Timeus books to the Disciples of Christ Regional Assembly at the Community Christian Church in Tulsa.  It was a delightful day!  In the morning assembly the music was provided by In His Spirit Church.  Their praise team consisted of many ages, even some very young ones.  (I was sitting close to a stained glass window so my picture is not very distinct.)

          There were smaller meetings and lunch, groups and a final business meeting.  In between times I was able to visit with folks and share Timeus.  Lots of books went home with them.

          Toward the end of the day two of the smaller girls on the praise team stopped by to look.  My friend Gina whispered to me that she wanted to make a gift of a copy to them and wanted me to sign it.  They were thrilled!

          Before we left, Gina came back chuckling...she had gone to the restroom and overheard the two little ones discussing the book.  The older girl was telling a bit about Timeus' story and the younger one was listening wide-eyed.

          "Then what happened?" said the younger one.  The older one with a great deal of big sister aplomb said, "Well, we have to go home and read it.  Then we'll know!!!"

          Made sense to me!!

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