Monday, September 2, 2013

Sometimes a Brief Respite....

...becomes far too long!  What started out as a simple edit became a cause celebre in cyberspace!
                                                                     * * *
     My webmaster Carla came up with a brilliant idea earlier this year.  She felt I ought to combine all the "pieces" of things I have into one website...the dolls, the stores, the blog, my little book, etc.  Made perfect sense!
     With a lot of stops along the way on both our parts, we are finally just about ready to put out the finished product.  One small part I was to do was to re-name this blog. 

     I did. 
     It disappeared. 

    No amount of agony and cajoling could bring it back.  Well...until my granddaughter came to visit!

    She with the help of a fellow guru up north not only retrieved it but did all kinds of "behind the scenes" things to make it accessible to search engines everywhere.  Tweaked and cajoled until it blossomed.
    Bless her...and him!!

    Carla is almost finished with the "new look" of the website and I'm excited!  Bottom will be named "Genuinely Jaymie" and will have a new style and a revamped updated look to the Portraits in Porcelain site, all the eCrater stores under one umbrella, a place to start sharing the miniatures with you...a totally new adventure!

     Each of us needs a "fresh" look from time to time...even if we're in "vintage" mode.  Stay tuned...the best is yet to come!

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