Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Surprises!

     When the mail lady honked this afternoon I wondered what on earth she had...I knew I wasn't expecting anything...and that's when you get the nicest surprises!  She handed me a large box that was decorated with flowers.  I still wasn't tracking until I opened it and looked at the card inside!  
     A customer of mine had sent me an Easter basket....all the way from Pennsylvania!  I won't tell you how many years it's been since I've had an Easter basket, but it's been a lot!!!  I had to laugh...and I've laughed all the rest of the afternoon.  What a delightful unexpected surprise!  (And yes, I've already opened it without making any excuses!)

     Right on the heels of that I received an Easter greeting from another customer/friend with an audio recording of "How Great Thou Art"...a song that is very dear to me and particularly so since it was a piano recording (I play the piano too).   I had already received one of the beautiful e-cards that a lovely friend in France sends for every holiday, so I have been totally blessed today!

     For all the years I had my flower shop and even now since I still prepare the special music for the church I play for, I tend to get so wrapped up in "getting things done" for a holiday, I don't often take the time to enjoy the holiday itself.  That's entirely too much of the wrong focus!!

    Thank heaven I have people in my life who take the time to care...and share...and think of others.  I must have some of the very nicest and most thoughtful friends and customers in the world!  Some I have met, so many others are friends across a lot of miles whom I may never get to meet in person.   That is the beauty of this...thoughtfulness transcends the miles and makes the world a happier place!

    May each of you have a blessed Easter...I cherish you all! 

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