Sunday, July 17, 2011

Emma - A Name That Says Romance!

          I had an order about a week ago from another country to purchase two vintage rhinestone pieces.  The girl's name was Emma and she wanted to wear them for her wedding.  They were definitely beautiful and I was delighted that these delicate beauties from the past would have a chance to become a part of a new tradition!
          In our correspondence she told me that she had chosen these to match her art deco styled engagement ring and another part of her ensemble.  What a delightful find for her!  I was thrilled that I had them!   I sent the jewelry on its way with all my best wishes and asked her to let me know if they traveled to her safely.

          As I made up the package I had a another Emma in my who brought another romantic story to me.  

          A few years ago when I started doing replica porcelain dolls, I had a telephone call from a young man I didn't know.  I think I remember his name as Jason.   There had been a newspaper article about my dolls and he had gotten my number from that.  He asked me if I was familiar with the movie of Jane Austen's "Emma."  I wasn't.  He asked me if I could get a copy of it (the Gwyneth Paltrow version), watch it and then call him.  I did. 

          Jason told me that his girl friend was a great fan of this particular version and she wanted to rent it over and over to watch...and wanted him to watch it with her.  He would brush it off, saying that it was "girl stuff", that it simply wasn't his "thing."  
          Finally, when he decided to ask her to marry him, he had a moment of brilliance.  Jason rented the movie and watched the part where Mr. Knightley declares his love for Emma and proposes.  You must know the scene...magnificently filmed under the huge oak tree...just about as romantic a setting possible!
           Finally Jason decided he was ready.  He told his girl friend that he would "give in", would watch her "girl stuff" movie with her....just once.  She was delighted and got the movie for this landmark evening.   When it got to the scene under the live oak, Jason paused the movie, got down on one knee....and recited Mr. Knightley's speech in its entireity!  Just for her!
           In my books he rates as one of the most original and most romantic young men ever! 
           Fast forward now to where he contacted me.  Their first anniversary was coming up and when he saw the article, he decided that that would be the best first anniversary gift for her...a replica of Emma!  Is that not perfect???
           It was a race against the clock to get the doll done...the worst part was trying to find the right proportioned fabric for her shawl.  I made the bonnet NOT to be would have ruined the doll's hair anyway!   She really turned out beautifully with the regency styled dress, tiny satin slippers, the bonnet and the shawl.

           The anniversary was to be celebrated with a weekend at Grand Lake with some friends, so I met him in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Grove  (of all things) .  Jason brought a friend with him to take care of the doll on the drive back...a rather burly outdoors type.  The look on the friend's face was priceless when he was handed the large box with this delicate doll in it and was told to hold it "just like that" until they got back to the lake!!! 

           Jason called me later to tell me that she cried when he gave the Emma doll to her...I cried too.  He goes down in my history as one of the most innovative and caring young husbands ever!
           I regret one thing.  I was working so fast that I didn't take the time to get pictures of the Emma doll...of all the dolls I've made, it's the only doll I don't have a picture of to share.  I can share the story though...and I'm so glad the "new" Emma brought it back from my memory bank for me!
          From now on, I know I'll think of the name Emma as one of the most romantic names ever!

         Thank you, Emma...and thank you, Jason...I hope both your love stories will blossom forever!

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