Monday, July 11, 2011

One More Look at Jo Ellen's Treasures

        The past month has been unbelievable!  My ISP started a long awaited equipment upgrade right around Memorial Day that didn't end until just after the Fourth of July!!  For one long month my internet service was spasmodic at best...I never knew whether I'd be on-line, off-line, even cut off in mid project!
         I'm sure the engineers, the technical staff (and especially the ones who had to answer the phones and listen to frustrated customers) were doing their best, but for those of us who were always guessing, it was not the best of times!  All is well now though...and we are enjoying a much improved, faster service.   Since we live in a highly rural lake area this is a great improvement...let's hope that there won't have to be any more "improvements" any time soon!!!

         So, after a long hiatus, it's time for another peek at my friend Jo Ellen's treasures...this time some of the vignettes she has created with her finds.  All these pieces invite you to stop, linger, and enjoy treasures from her past, treasures she has found...all blended together with the hand of an artist who has an eye for the unique.
        One of her favorite nursery rhymes was Humpty Dumpty.  This collection winks at you happily from the shelf...look at the Humpty Dumpty handkerchief she uses as a doily!
        A baby dress, a beloved doll, one of her quilts and a wicker doll buggy share the fun with other collectibles.
        A miniature sewing machine, a bit of her quilting, and a jar that displays vintage thimbles.
         A darling child's cupboard with tiny dishes and a thought of school.
         Some of Jo Ellen's childhood clothing define a bit of hall wall space.

           A real antique collar box! 
         Complete with a "brand new" collar!
         A great cupboard with leaded glass top, cherished china, and a treasured doll.
         A gallon jug becomes a showcase.
          A rare find...a vintage seed display box with some of the seed packages still inside!
             My pictures didn't turn out as well as I had hoped...the combination of indoor lighting and her well-shaded yard were a challenge for my camera.  My friend loves sharing all these pieces...some from her own childhood and some she's found and saved that tell stories of other's a fascinating walk through time...and a walk to be enjoyed time and time again!
             I certainly came home with lots of ideas to display some of my own treasures in better ways.  Thank you, my friend, for a fascinating trip!

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